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Join our 2023-24 Executive Team.

Applications are due Monday, July 31st at 11:59 PM EST

Positions Available.


The Promotions team will be continuously updating all SPARK social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You will be tracking analytics for current trends and audience preferences to maximize SPARK’s reach. The role of a Promotions executive requires you to be creative, innovative, and professional, as you will be creating original content and contacting partner organizations to increase SPARK’s social presence.  


The Outreach executive role entails the responsibility of creating detailed feedback forms, and impact reports and reaching out to organizations, guest speakers, and judges for SPARK events. You will be in charge of getting the word out about SPARK through articles before and after the event. Additionally, you must have excellent collaboration and communication skills as you will be networking with individuals through social media and attending virtual meetings with organizations. 


The Logistics executives will be primarily focused on the composition of the hackathons and any other SPARK events. You will be organizing the activities, workshops, and will be responsible for the creation of itineraries for the event.  This role includes intensive amounts of analysis, effective communication, and a high degree of revision. You are also required to have quick critical thinking capabilities as you should be able to solve any issues that arise on the day of the event. 

Digital Media

The role of the Digital Media team is to create visually appealing graphics and promotional videos, as well as, taking photos during in-person events. This may include opening/closing ceremonies, event teasers, SPARK swag, banners, and other media. The illustrations and designs created for the organization must be consistent and engaging. You must be experienced in at least one photo/video editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Final Cut Pro/Premiere Pro (excluding Canva).

Corporate Relations

Corporate Relations will be working towards finding sponsors and receiving grants.  You will be dealing with cash flow and allocating funds for SPARK’s various events. Corporate Relations regularly converse with potential sponsors as spokespersons representing SPARK. With this position, you must maintain a professional and positive attitude to build and maintain strong relationships. 

Web Designer

The Web Designer will be responsible for regularly updating and maintaining SPARK’s website, You will be overseeing the functionality and ensuring website performance issues are promptly resolved. SPARK’s website is published with WordPress/Wix, and we are looking for a candidate skilled in that regard, as you will be designing page layouts and elements. Experience with graphic design is also recommended. 

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