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SPARK Learnathon 2023

For our upcoming event, we will be hosting a learnathon for the first time! It will also be our first in-person event since the pandemic so make sure you stay tuned and keep up with the SPARK socials!

Parallel Lines

Why Participate?

Obtain Skills

Venture outside of your comfort zone and develop your STEM skills 

Win Prizes

Prizes will be awarded for outstanding proposals and ideas


Test your creativity and knowledge with a proposal that outshines others


Engage with other students, guest speakers, and industry professionals

What is a Learnathon?

A learnathon is an opportunity for students to learn new concepts through workshops and mentors and use this knowledge to create an idea for a theme pertaining to a problem or issue

For example, a technological concept such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) may be provided and a team will have to determine a solution to the issue pertaining to the theme of AI

stay tuned for more updates. they may be sooner than you think.

Our Generous Sponsors

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